About Us

Creative Aquariums is a leading professional aquarium services company for live reef aquariums, saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums, ponds and water features in the Greater Philadelphia and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania. Since 1991, Creative Aquariums has provided custom design, installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial customers who want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of an aquarium without all the work. No more worries on keeping the water clear or the proper temperature, what filtration system to use and how to keep it clean or what fish and marine life are healthy and compatible. We always design our aquariums with an emphasis on, and sensitivity to, the environmental balance required to maintain the health and beauty of your aquarium.

Creative Aquariums specializes in custom designed aquariums that combine unique tank dimensions and fine quality cabinetry with exciting underwater themes. No job is too difficult for us to handle. We provide everything from custom wall installations to free-standing units. Everything from state-of-the art technology, filtration and lighting systems to unique decorations and exciting colorful fish and marine life is carefully selected.

We work with individual customers or collaborate with interior designers, architects, cabinetmakers and professional contractors to create a successful aquarium experience. Plus, once the aquarium is established, we'll provide routine maintenance so you can sit back and enjoy an underwater world experience.

Whether you want to decorate your home or beautify an office, Creative Aquariums makes it possible to personalize your underwater creation. We pride ourselves in meeting the diverse needs of our customers which include, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, celebrities, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, corporate headquarters, and some of the finest designer homes on the east coast. At Creative Aquariums, we take pride in our high quality standards, customer service and complete satisfaction.

Proper design and installation are only the beginning of a successful aquarium. Critical to the success of any aquarium is routine maintenance. Our Aquarium Maintenance Program provides our customers with the security and confidence that the delicate balanced needed to support a thriving healthy underwater environment will be maintained and their investment will be protected. Our success is due to our extremely qualified and highly knowledgeable technicians with over 75 years of collective experience in the aquatic industry.